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If you plan to visit London with your family, a friend for vacation or business purpose, then getting a serviced apartment is the best option for you. They are big, a lot roomy, have bathrooms, kitchen, give a home feeling, and are reasonable as well.

Serviced Apartments is an emerging trend, making renting hotels and flats outdated for many reasons. Now that if you have decided that on your next visit to London, you’ll be staying in a Serviced apartment, You need to learn how to find a perfect serviced apartment for you.

Many companies in London offer stunning serviced apartments with different price tags, making it very tricky for people to choose a perfect service apartment.

Read below as we have peened down a guide that can be helpful in your Service apartment hunt.


Choose your location:

You can start your serviced apartment hunt by finding a perfect location. London is a big city filled with serviced apartments. You have to determine how much you are willing to pay because the area plays a significant role in the apartment price. Service apartments that are close to main tourist attractions and high-end markets have higher rates than the others.

It is recommended to look for serviced apartments are near markets and transport routes. This way, you can pay a reasonable amount and easily explore London.


Size of the Apartments: 

After finding the perfect location, your next task would be to find an apartment with an ideal space. The serviced Apartment comes in all sizes, and depending on your demands, you can always find bigger and bigger apartments.

As described earlier, London is loaded with companies offering serviced apartments of all sizes. If you are planning a vacation with your family or friends, you can look for more spacious apartments, and if you are visiting for work purposes, you can get an apartment that is perfect for one or two people.

All serviced apartments come with furnished kitchens and bathrooms.


Checking Building Facilities:

Do you need lifts? Some traditional buildings may don’t have lifts in them; it depends on you that. If you are okay with carrying your bags and luggage upstairs, you can choose an apartment in that building; otherwise, you can always move towards a modern building.


Parking, Luggage room, etc.:

Ensure that the place you plan to stay in is offering facilities like car parking, luggage room, gymnasium, a concierge, etc.
You may also want to confirm housekeeping service and whether it’s going to be available daily or weekly.



Many traditional apartments and buildings don’t provide AC services. However, an electrical heater and fireplaces are always available. If you want air condition to be available, you can choose modern serviced apartments and studios with all the modern facilities in them.


Cost of the Serviced Apartment:

The cost of your serviced Apartment can go drastically high or low because of the things explained above. Many tourists consider the markets, restaurants, and other famous visiting places to be the real point where you should spend more money. However, many believe that living in a good home is also considered in traveling experience.

Either way, you should always be prepared to spend more than you expected

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