Serviced Apartments

Benefits of Serviced Apartments vs Hotels

Serviced apartments have recently gained more popularity among travel lovers than ever. If you ask anyone who travels frequently can vote for serviced apartments to be better against traditional hotels. But why is it so? What happened in the last few years that made serviced apartments so famous, and what makes them so unique?

Let’s find out!

Serviced apartments have better Service:

If you ever lived in a first-class Serviced apartment, you can quickly tell that they go out of their box to give you an incredible experience and their services are way better than a traditional hotel room.

It almost starts feeling that you own the place and that the experience everyone wants where they get that experience without doing anything.


They are just perfect for everything!

Wheater you are planning a business trip, a family vacation, or both at the same time, Serviced apartments are suitable for you in every way. They are big enough to house multiple members without breaching their privacy, and they are good enough to hold a couple of families as well, whereas, in hotels, you have to book more than one room for the others.

Serviced apartments also make Work plus family trips more convenient and less stressful. They provide Internet, work desks with TV screens, and fully equipped Kitchens in one place.


More Spacious:

As you can guess from the name, they are apartments which are way more Spacious than just a room. Its size obviously depends on the budget and the needs of the buyer. However, even a small apartment comes with a private kitchen, bathroom, and living area, which makes it much bigger than a traditional hotel room.


Their Flexibility makes them more popular:

Since they are apartments, you can live there comfortably without having any privacy or space issue. Most of the hotels don’t offer you more than a kettle, but here you get an entire fully equipped kitchen, so you cook whatever you want whenever you want. However, while staying in hotels, you have to go out to eat.

They are home size apartments, and yet you don’t have to pay anything other than your rent, unlike renting a traditional apartment.


Most Important, Cost Efficiency!

Once you realize what you get in the serviced apartment at the same price as a hotel room, you just don’t think about traditional hotel rooms anymore.

In an average apartment, you get more than one-bedrooms, a bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen, and a living area, whereas in hotels you get a room with a bathroom.

Obviously, as the price goes up the number of luxury items also goes up. In top-notch serviced apartments, you get an experience that’s just not possible in an average hotel room, and getting the same size suite in a hotel can get extremely expensive as compared to a serviced apartment.

Also, the service apartments are trained to serve corporate teams and families who prefer freedom and open space.

After making a basic comparison, you can quickly tell why serviced apartments are gaining so much popularity and why are estimated to become even more famous soon.

However, with the rising popularity and demand, the average prices will eventually increase as well.


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