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WFH or WFSA Working From Serviced Apartments

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we all have been working. Smart remote working or working from home proved to be challenging at times, especially when you have kids to look after and maybe a poor internet connection. With so many meetings taking place on a daily basis the stress of working from home changed with Working from a Hotel.

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At we know how important is to be productive while away from the office. This is why we have introduced already a super flexible listing option (Book by the hour) but not in a hotel instead book by the hour in a Serviced Apartment.

Serviced apartments offer all you need to be productive. From great locations to great amenities.

You can book your serviced apartment by the hour to host your guests or simply to invite your colleagues to a meeting. Serviced apartments are extremely well located, with all the amenities from an office but with extra space.

You can present your meeting from the comfort of your sofa or alternatively from the comfort of your kitchen.

Many Serviced Apartments are perfectly designed to host Social Distanced meetings, breakfast meetings, lunches, or dinners.

You can benefit from:

-Fast Internet Connection
-Large 4K smart TV
-Multiple Desks
-Social Distancing rooms
-Great facilities

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