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6 Reasons to stay in serviced apartments

Reasons to Stay in Serviced Apartments in London
If you are a regular traveler with hotel fatigue, or an occasional traveler searching for something exceptional, serviced apartments, London is the best choice. Booking websites mostly indicate that hotel accommodation is the only option for those traveling for pleasure or business. In fact, in recent days, serviced apartments tend to be an option for extended stays only. Still, times are changing and you can now take advantage of all the benefits of serviced apartments, regardless of the time duration of your trip.


Here are six main reasons why serviced apartments perfect for stay London

  1. Comfortable environment

Serviced apartments provide a safe and comfortable environment and offer domestic comfort. The apartments often include separate living and sleeping areas, as well as all the entertainment equipment you may need: free Wi-Fi, private telephone line, TVs, music systems, and DVDs.


  1. Private well-furnished kitchen

Particularly useful for extended stays, the apartment’s is well-furnished kitchen with dishwasher, washer/dryer and cookware.   When you don’t want to cook but want to stay, ask the caretakers to arrange the services of a private chef who prepares and serves only one meal for you.


  1. Ideal location

Another benefit of choosing a serviced apartment is the building’s location. Unlike hotels generally on the main road, many travelers prefer a more local experience. By using listed or high-quality buildings located on an ideal location, the serviced apartment offers guests an experience that reveals a lot about the city in which they reside.


  1. Privacy

Once you have booked the service apartment, you can work, play, and relax at any time. It is not necessary to reserve a meeting room for a meeting; it is enough to organize it in the living room or the dining room. You can relax in the privacy of the apartment without worrying about disturbing anyone.


  1. Cost

On average, the apartment has an area of ​​up to 30% more than the hotel room. If you are traveling with children or friends, this is exactly what you need. In general, being a long-term guest will save you a lot of money. With weekly bookings, nights are most of the time at a reduced price, making it a more viable alternate than other types of accommodation. The apartments are equipped with a kitchenette or fully equipped kitchen and allow you to cook at your convenience at no additional cost for dinner every evening.


  1. Security

Serviced apartments are inherently private and independent accommodation separate from the crowd. These apartments are basically stay safe London. Also, you will find that it is complete with 24-hour video surveillance, a secure and personal entrance and 24-hour service.

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