Co Living


Apartments in big cities can cost a lot of money, and no one wants to spend half of their salary on paying rent. There is no point in living alone in a three-bedroom apartment, especially when you live in a costly city like LondonManchesterLiverpool, or Edinburgh where only the cost of food and maintenance can be very high.

To ease off the cost burden, many Millennials and adults prefer to live in co-living spaces, which can save a lot of money from getting wasted on rents and other living expenses.

A co-living space is a serviced apartment where numerous people live together and have their own private rooms. This makes the co-living space an excellent Apartment for people who love to socialize and still have personal space.

There are so many benefits of living in a co-living space than nowadays many teenagers and adults prefer them over traditional flats.

Living in a co-space can be very cost-effective and can save you from many responsibilities and a lot of frustration. These serviced apartments come in all sizes, including different facilities, and vary in costs. Although living in a co-living space seems pretty effortless, there are still many things you need to consider before packing your bags and starting looking for your ideal living space.


 Before choosing a co-living space, the first and foremost important thing is to set your entire budget. Co-living spaces free you from a lot of responsibilities. However, you still have to take off your rent and expenses. Besides your monthly rent, you have to take care of numerous costs, including wifi, food, transportation, etc.

Your private space:

Even though you get your private room in your apartment, you still have to spend a lot of time with other people and deal with them daily. You have to make sure that you respect other people’s space and don’t be messy while staying in the common area.


Life in a co-living space is pretty much living in a joint family where you have your personal space, but you have to share your space and things most of the time. It’s possible that a few other people might not be so good at living in their own area and frequently invade your private space.

It’s possible that you might don’t get along with some other people living because of their living or cleaning habits. Living in a co space is not all flawless as you would be making adjustments to settle down.

You have to follow the Rules: 

Rules are the only thing that allows business models like co-working or co-living space to work flawlessly. With proper regulations, people from different places can adjust in one place without any conflict.

Co-living serviced apartments also have rules that you have to follow in every condition. However, they can vary from place to place. Some general rules include disallowing drugs or alcoholic drinks, bringing in other people for a stay, not paying rent at the proper time, being too noisy, bringing in pets, misbehaving with others, doing suspicious activities, etc.

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