Serviced Apartments London

Serviced Apartments in London

Who doesn’t like a good deal when looking for vacation or business accommodation, especially within the London area? Serviced apartments offer that and so much more.


To put it quite simply, serviced apartments are really fully furnished accommodations designed similar to homes. They are available for short, medium, and long term rental, ranging from small studio suites to multiple-bedroom houses.


Many may ask, why not just stay in a hotel? However, if you are seeking a more personalized accommodation where your comfort is paramount, then serviced apartments are the way to go. Unlike hotels, serviced apartments are often equipped with the following amenities at no additional cost:

-Fully furnished kitchens

– Wi-Fi and Internet access

– TV

– Laundry facilities

– Linen and Towels

– Housekeeping Service

– Parking


-Swimming pools


-Conference rooms


These amenities are even more modern than those within a typical hotel and are often covered in the general rental cost depending on the service chosen. Serviced apartments are therefore very cost-effective when compared to a hotel operating within the same geographical space.


With fully-furnished kitchens, you can have breakfast in bed at any time you so desire. Additionally, you won’t be restricted to what a hotel provides or be forced to eat on the hotel’s schedule or even be at the mercy of the chef’s style of cooking. Within serviced apartments, you can enjoy home-cooked meals to your liking and at your convenience. You are provided with a refrigerator as well, where you can store your food and drinks. The adverse is true in a hotel where you would normally find only a minibar, stocked with expensive food and drinks.


Within serviced apartments, the check-in process is often hassle-free where guests have the option to self-check-in, beating long lines and excessive waiting. These apartments are also very spacious to accommodate families, so if you are on a family vacation, all family members can stay together in the same apartment, with private separate bedrooms for everybody’s comfort, as well as a living room to enjoy family time together.


With covid-19 instilling fear in many persons, it is even better to seek accommodation within serviced apartments. There, you can safely observe the established protocols of social distancing since you would have lots of space and can skip the lines at check-in. Importantly, the Housekeeping departments work 24 hours deep cleaning frequently utilized areas.


So, if you are traveling for business or pleasure within the London geographical area, be sure to check out Durmwell. They are one of the leading providers of high-quality, affordable apartments, and holiday homes. Furnished to the highest standard, they offer the freedom and flexibility of your own home whether short or long term.


“Our well-appointed apartments are available at affordable corporate rates as well as competitive vacation rates and, our guarantee is that we won’t be beaten on quality or price.”