Students Accommodations



Who do you want to live with? 

There are many ways of deciding who you want to live with and what approaches you want to take when doing this.
If you get along with your flatmates from the first year, you could live with them. Similarly, you could also live with course mates. A benefit of this would be that you can help each other with modules as you’re all doing the same degree.

You could live with people from your University society, clubs, groups, etc. Many people live together with their rugby team as they’ll be training and playing games every week. A lot of the students choose to live by themselves in the second year. The university offers people who are not first years to still live in halls. Equally, there are many other places you can find online.


Where do you want to live? 

You can choose to live next to campus, meaning that you don’t have to run to attend the lectures. You can wake up a bit later and still make it on time. Some people choose to live closer to town because there are many things in town that they attend, so it’s more convenient.
Many people might also choose to live next to a supermarket, meaning you don’t have to walk very far when you do your weekly shopping.


What sort of house would you like, and what you want to be included inside it?

You may want a detached house, so you don’t have the chance to have noisy neighbors next to you. You may want a flat. You may be happy with a semi-detached house. You’ve also got to decide what you want in it, how many bathrooms, and whether you want a big desk, you’re happy with single or double beds whether you want a dishwasher or any other similar kitchen accessory.


How much are you willing to pay?

People you’re going to be living with, and you’ve got to decide how much each person will be willing to spend. Another thing you have to consider is whether you’d prefer bills being included or exempted from the rent.

Suppose you believe that you and your friends will use a fair amount of water, electricity, it would be better to have the bills included in the rent, so no matter how much you use, the price per month of all bills will always be the same. Alternatively, if you want bills excluded, you have to be more careful with the energy and the electricity.



 Start looking online, start visiting estate agents, look at the reviews from previous tenants, so you can see how well that state agent treated them. When looking for the house or apartment, make sure you are taking your time and not rushing and being thorough to ensure you’re getting the home you want and the conditions you wish to meet.


When doing so, don’t let landlords or estate agents pressurise you into signing things quickly.